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Stacker Storage Management Systems

Revolutionize your manufacturing operations.

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Stacker Storage Management Systems

Reduce your storage footprint by up to 50%.

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Stacker Storage Management Systems

Dramatically improve operational efficiency.

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Stacker Storage Management Systems

Eliminate wasted space and inefficiency.

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Stacker Storage Management System with Instantly Adjustable Rack

Capacities of 2000, 4000, 6000 lbs., Rack heights from 8 ft. to 25 ft.

Increased Productivity

A single operator, with minimal training and no operator license required, can effortlessly move up to 6,000 lbs. of payload with the touch of a button.

Maximum Cube Utilization

Save valuable floor space with smaller aisles and condense storage with adjustable steel pallets, which means more material in less space and less traveling to retrieve those materials.

Safer Than Forklift

Over 1,000,000 forklifts are used across the U.S. Each year, forklift-related incidents result in 100 deaths and 20,000 serious injuries (OSHA). Eliminate the source of common forklift related injuries...the forklift.


PROSTAK™ Storage Management Systems consist of an instantly adjustable storage rack with an integrated stacker lift system for storing and handling heavy, bulky items. The PROSTAK™ system works well for plastic injection mold storage, stamping die storage, inventory and maintenance repair equipment. It stands up to the harshest environments while remaining easy to operate and is the most cost effective way to help manage and organize your assets, inventory or maintenance items.

PROSTAK™ System Benefits… 

Immediate accessibility to assets and inventory
Greater equipment reliability
Effective use of valuable floor space
Asset, inventory and maintenance equipment protection
Maximum capacity load handling at any height
Adjustable and removable steel pallets
Reduced labor costs
improved employee productivity

Pallet Options

Standard Pallet

30" W x 30" D
36" W x 30" D
36" W x 36" D
42" W x 36" D
42" W x 42" D
48" W x 48" D
52" W x 48" D
72" W x 48" D
96" W x 48" D

Flow-Thru Feature

Safety feature to allow sprinkler system water to flow-thru the pallet.

1 1/2" Back Lip Feature

Used to prevent loads from sliding off the back of the pallet.

Cable Reel Feature

Fully adjustable allows cables to be pulled directly off the pallet.

Tub Kit Feature

Provides walls on all four sides of the pallet and comes in 4", 8" or 12" heights.

Tub Kit w/ Drop Down Front

Allows you to add or remove items without having to pick them up over the sides.

Tub Kit Partition Feature

Allows you to partition a pallet into two, three, four or more sections.

Tub Kit Divider Feature

Allows you to divide the partitions into two, three, four or more sections.

Cage Container Kit

Store and quickly identify large bulky items, comes equipped with front fold down gate.

Tire Storage Kit

Store a variety of car, truck and motorcycle tires, comes with easy access ramp for heavy tires.

Other pallet features are available, contact the factory for more information.

System Management Tools

The Rapistak Space Saving Advantage

PROSTAK Storage Management Systems allow you to recapture wasted aisle space and increase pallet density. It is possible to remove 1/3 of your aisle area for true space savings. Use this savings to increase your storage capacity or use it for other critical operations.

Reduced Aisle Space

Recapture Floor Space

Designer's Edge Package

The Designer's Edge Package is specifically designed for Architect and Engineering firms, to save you time and effort when specifying Rapistak products, and it's totally FREE!

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PROSTAKTM Literature

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