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Product Storage Systems
These units fit well in any manufacturing or maintenance environment. It combines the ability to store varying sizes and shapes in a densely-packed easily accessible rack system.


Product Storage Systems

Capacities of 1000, 2000 and 3000 lbs., Rack heights from 5 ft. to 10 ft.

Variable Pallet Sizes

The pallets vary in size from 24” to 120” wide and from 24” to 60” deep. Other options are also available, consult the factory.

Shelf Locks

Each pull-out shelf is supplied with a spring activated shelf lock. The shelf lock prevents the shelves from accidentally rolling out on their own.

Auto-Lok Safety Feature

The Pull-Out Shelf rack can be equipped with the Auto-Lok Safety Feature. This feature allows one shelf to be pulled out at one time, preventing the unit from possibly tipping over.


Industrial Pull-Out Shelves are manufactured to fit your needs and improve material handling. Our units are made of welded structural steel carriages, adjustable shelves, and can be supplied with safety interlocks that allow one shelf to be extended at a time.

The Pull-Out Shelves are made to your specifications, so you occupy minimal floor space while providing the exact fit storage solution for your parts or tools. When you provide a list of your part dimensions and floor space available, our engineering team will customize an industrial pull-out shelf solution that fits your needs.

Our Pull-Out Shelves are extremely heavy duty and built to last. Our racks are constructed of carbon steel and are shipped loosely assembled to minimize setup time. Our racks are used to store and handle a wide variety of items, including injection molds and dies, cylinders and round tooling, raw materials, engine parts, machine parts, and automotive parts.

Pull-Out Shelving Specifications

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