The Rapistak Product Line

A wide variety of solutions to meet the needs of Industrial, Commercial, Automotive, Government, Military and so many more.



The PROSTAK™ Stacker Storage Management System is ideal in applications where a high number of dies, molds, motors, bearings and inventory of varying sizes need to be stored or organized, making more conventional forms of handling and storage less organized and inefficient.

Die/Mold Systems
Capacities up to 6,000 lbs. per pallet. Available in many heights and a wide variety of pallet sizes.
MRO Management Systems
Increase productivity through better organization and increased efficiency.
PinPoint Data System
Included with every PROSTAKTM system. Manage and find the location of items quickly using bar code scanning or text.

MAX-RAKTM IAR 246 Systems

The MAX-RAKTM IAR 246 Instantly Adjustable Rack combines the ability to store varying sizes and shapes in a densely-packed instantly adjustable rack. The racking system uses steel fabricated pallets designed to carry a uniform distributed load of 2000, 4000, or 6000 lbs (907, 1814, 2721 kg). Because the rack system is instantly adjustable there is no need for rack beams set to specific heights.

Die/Mold Systems
Maximize space utilization with instantly adjustable pallets.
MRO Management Systems
Condense the same amount of material into just half the space.
Military Applications
Increase storage capacity and reduce search and retrieval time.


PALLET-STAK® Stacker Storage Management Systems are to be used with modified bolted standard pallet racks for applications requiring uniform products such as sheets, full pallets or drums. Many of these applications require that beams be spaced at specific intervals to accommodate the products being stored in the system.

Die/Mold Systems
Know what you have, where it is and how to get it quickly and safely.
MRO Management Systems
Retrieve any item as small as a nut and bolt to heavy, bulky items weighing as much as 6,000 lbs.
Side Angle Shelf
Access what you need in just two to three minutes.

HEAVY-STAK® Storage Management Systems

HEAVY-STAK® Stacker Storage Management Systems are designed to handle loads that can weigh 6,500 lbs to 20,000 lbs. The HEAVY-STAK® Stacker Storage Management Systems require special heavy-duty racking where each load has its own shelf. These stackers are designed to deflect less than conventional overhead cranes and are designed specifically for these applications.

Injection Mold Systems
Heavy duty pallet rack designed to store large capacity injection molds.
Die Management Systems
Structural rack capable of handling up to 20,000 lbs. loads per shelf.
Transfer Cars
Transfer large dies or molds from one bay to another easily and safely.

ROLL-STAK® Storage Management Systems

ROLL-STAK® Stacker Storage Management Systems are generally appropriate in applications where high volumes of inventory are moved into and out of manufacturing operations, making more conventional forms of handling and storage less responsive and inefficient.

Probe Handling
Capacities up to 2,000 lbs., minimum roll I.D. 6” and maximum roll length of 60”. Most dense storage design.
Cradle Handling
Capacities up to 6,000 lbs. with maximum roll length of 60”. Perfect for storing drums, paper and plastic film rolls.
Mandrel Handling
Capacities up to 10,000 lbs. with maximum roll diameter of 60”. Can be used for plastic film rolls, drums, print rolls and more.

AUTO-STAK® Storage Management Systems

The AUTO-STAK® Automated Parts-To-Person System has been designed to meet a broad range of storage and retrieval applications in manufacturing, distribution, retail, and warehouse operations. The combination of optimal storage density, flexible, efficient storage strategies, ergonomics and security makes the AUTO-STAK® from Rapistak a unique storage management solution.

With a touch of a button or scan of a bar code access the exact parts you are looking for.
Variable System Lengths
The length of the system can be modified quickly and easily, and additional side access openings can be retrofitted to meet future needs.
Work Stations
Various work stations can be provided for tray storage and retrieval including forklift access to allow for moving the trays to work cells.

Unit Supply Cargo Rack (USCR)

Heavy-gauge, all bolted structural steel construction available in a variety of configurations to adapt to your ceiling height, warehouse layout, and forklift capacity (height and weight).  The knock-down construction for shipment purposes eliminates wasted space, maximizing transport effectiveness.

Outdoor Applications
For every level that product is stored vertically there is a ground space savings of 50%. Get easier access for quicker deployment.
Indoor Applications
Two and three tier rack storage saves space and gives you full access to each stored location. No dunnage required, clear up your floor space and create a safer working environment.
Roof Applications
Shelter strategic equipment and personnel from the elements. Gain full access to container contents in their stored positions.

Industrial Pull-Out Shelving Systems

Industrial Pull-Out Shelves are manufactured to fit your needs and improve material handling. Our units are made of welded structural steel carriages, adjustable shelves, and can be supplied with safety interlocks that allow one shelf to be extended at a time.
Tooling Storage
Easily access tooling with an overhead crane at any level.
MRO Management Systems
Keep MRO supplies within reach with less back strain and easier access.