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Stacker Storage Management Systems

Designed to handle large capacity dies, injection molds, assemblies and test fixtures.

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Rapistak Corporation


Stacker Storage Management Systems

Tough solutions for demanding applications.

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Stacker Storage Management System with Heavy Structural Rack

Capacities of 6,500 to 20,000 lbs., Rack heights from 12 ft. to 25 ft.

Heavy Fork Bars

These are used to support products that can be handled directly with the stacker crane pallet forks.

Heavy Duty Shelves

These shelves are used to support products stored on pallets or products that have their own fork pockets such as dies.

Transfer Cars

Heavy transfer cars may be required to transfer the products from one bay to another to be removed by a crane or forklift.


HEAVY-STAK® Storage Management Systems use structural pallet racks for applications requiring uniform loads such as dies, injection molds, assemblies, test fixtures or many other types of products. Many of these applications require that the beams be spaced a specific intervals to accommodate the products being stored in the system.

HEAVY-STAK® System Benefits...

  • Immediate accessibility to assets and inventory
  • Greater equipment reliability
  • Effective use of valuable floor space
  • Asset, inventory and maintenance equipment protection
  • Maximum capacity load handling at any height
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Improved employee productivity

System Management Tools

The Rapistak Space Saving Advantage

Wasted Floor Space

Recaptured Floor Space

Improve your warehouse equipment and operations...optimize openings with no wasted space, and maximize cubic space. Condense the same volume of material into just half the space. Just look at the advantages...

  • Saving floor space by going vertical
  • A dedicated lifting device helps to minimize forklift dependence.
  • Substantially reduced aisle widths compared to a conventional forklift turning radius
  • Organized and dedicated locations reduce retrieval times and improves changeover times


Novares is a global plastic solutions provider that manufactures complex components and systems for the automotive industry. They approached Rapistak with the challenge to store 76 large size injec-tion molds with a maximum load capacity of 16,000 pounds.

Rapistak’s experienced engineering staff acquired from Novares detailed dimensions of each injection mold to be stored in the HEAVY-STAK® Stacker Storage Management System. With the largest and heaviest injection molds stored on steel pallets directly on the floor, the remaining lighter injection molds were given storage locations within the rack system to better utilize the vertical air space. A transfer car, located at the end of the system, was used to transfer the injection molds into the next bay of the building where an over-head crane was used to load the injection molds into the machines.

By installing a HEAVY-STAK® Stacker Storage Management System Novares was able to reduce personnel injuries, decrease access times, reduce storage space and increase production space.

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