Increased Storage Capacity

Increase storage capacity and flexibility with continuous load bearing top shelves.

High Density

Remove wasted air space to create increased storage capacity.

Maximize Space Utilization

Instantly reposition the pallets with any type of forklift to create a truly flexible and adaptable pallet storage sytem.

Pallet Options

Standard Pallet

30" W x 30" D
36" W x 30" D
36" W x 36" D
42" W x 36" D
42" W x 42" D
48" W x 48" D
52" W x 48" D
72" W x 48" D
96" W x 48" D

Flow-Thru Feature

Safety feature to allow sprinkler system water to flow-thru the pallet.

1 1/2" Back Lip Feature

Used to prevent loads from sliding off the back of the pallet.

Cable Reel Feature

Fully adjustable allows cables to be pulled directly off the pallet.

Tub Kit Feature

Provides walls on all four sides of the pallet and comes in 4", 8" or 12" heights.

Tub Kit w/ Drop Down Front

Allows you to add or remove items without having to pick them up over the sides.

Tub Kit Partition Feature

Allows you to partition a pallet into two, three, four or more sections.

Tub Kit Divider Feature

Allows you to divide the partitions into two, three, four or more sections.

Cage Container Kit

Store and quickly identify large bulky items, comes equipped with front fold down gate.

Tire Storage Kit

Store a variety of car, truck and motorcycle tires, comes with easy access ramp for heavy tires.

System Management Tools

The Rapistak Space Saving Advantage

  • High Density-Efficient
  • Modular-Reconfigurable
  • Flexible Configurations
  • Maximum Cubic Capacity
    • Optimize picking layout and operations
    • Eliminate wasted space and inefficiency
    • Asset Protection
    • Immediate Access

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