Rapistak Stacker Systems


Stacker Storage Management Systems
Revolutionize your warehouse operations.

Rapistak Stacker Systems


Stacker Storage Management Systems
Reduce search and retrieval time.

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Rapistak Stacker Systems


Stacker Storage Management Systems
Increase worker productivity.

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Stacker Storage Management System with Pallet Rack

Capacities of 2000, 4000, and 6000 lbs., Rack heights from 8 ft. to 25 ft.

Increased Productivity

A single operator, with minimal training and no operator license required, can effortlessly move up to 6,000 lbs of payload with a touch of a button.

Maximize Vertical Floor Space

Save valuable floor space with smaller aisles and organized vertical storage. Which means more material in less space and less traveling to retrieve those materials.

A Safer Solution

Over 1,000,000 forklifts are used across the U.S. each year, forklift related incidents result in 100 deaths and 20,000 serious injuries (OSHA). Eliminate the source of common forklift related injuries...the forklift.


PALLET-STAK® Storage Management Systems use modified bolted standard pallet racks for applications requiring uniform loads such as sheets, full pallets, wire containers, steel corrugated containers, drums, carts or many other types of products. Many of these applications require that the beams be spaced at specific intervals to accommodate the products being stored in the system.

PALLET-STAK® System Benefits…

• Immediate accessibility to assets and inventory
• Greater equipment reliability
• Effective use of valuable floor space
• Asset, inventory and maintenance equipment protection
• Maximum capacity load handling at any height
• Reduced labor costs
• Improved employee productivity

Shelf Options

System Management Tools

The Rapistak Space Savings Advantage

PALLET-STAK® Storage Management Systems allow you to recapture wasted floor space and increase vertical storage capacity. It is possible to remove 1/3 of the aisle area for true space savings. Use this savings to increase your storage capacity or use it for other critical operations.

Wasted Floor Space

Recaptured Floor Space

Use the maximum vertical space without damage to lights or pipes.
A dedicated lifting device helps to minimize forklift dependence.
Substantially reduced aisle widths compared to a conventional forklift turning radius.
Access what you need when you need it in 2 to 3 minutes.

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