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We provide high quality, cost effective storage management systems to industrial and government customers.

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PROSTAKTM Storage Management Systems

Store more products in less space and in less time.

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PALLET-STAK® Storage Management System

Effective use of floor space, overhead space and reduced building costs.

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Flexible structural storage solutions for military applications.

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Instantly Adjustable Rack (IAR) provides the greatest storage density available.

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Industries we serve

maximizing storage, improving efficiency

The Rapistak Advantage

Space Saving Advantage

By removing wasted storage of air, you get more material in less space.

Increase Storage Density

Reduce aisle widths compared to a conventional forklift turning radius.

Instant Adjustability

Allows pallet density and a reduced storage footprint.

Dedicated Lift

Lift full rated capacity at floor level and at the maximum lift height.

Pinpoint Technology

Track your inventory, tools, and assets quickly. Use of barcodes for quick entry.

Weight Distribution Management

Helps eliminate rack overloading. Maximize rack utilization per section.

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Pallet Rack vs. Max-RakTM




Die Storage System


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