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Stacker Storage Management System

Three ways to handle rolls, one system with the power to do it! Whether you need a roll probe, roll cradle or a roll mandrel tool the ROLL-STAK® System should be your only choice. Get a Quote

Stacker Storage Management System

Rack heights from 8 ft. to 25 ft.

Probe Handling

Capacities up to 2,000 lbs., minimum roll I.D. 6” and maximum roll length of 60”. Most dense storage design.

Cradle Handling

Capacities up to 6,000 lbs. with maximum roll length of 60”. Perfect for storing drums, plastic rolls, paper rolls, steel coils and more.

Mandrel Handling

Capacities up to 10,000 lbs. with maximum roll diameter of 60”. Can be used for plastic rolls, paper rolls, print drums and more.


ROLL-STAK® Stacker Storage Management Systems help to prevent roll surface damage while providing a dense, organized storage system. Whether storing plastic film, print drums, fabric or die rolls we have you covered. By storing up, instead of out, you will save floor space, increase productivity and create a safer working environment.

ROLL-STAK® System Benefits...

  • Immediate accessibility to assets and inventory
  • Greater equipment reliability
  • Effective use of valuable floor space
  • Asset and inventory protection
  • Maximum capacity load handling at any height
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Improved employee productivity

System Management Tools

The Rapistak Space Savings Advantage

Improve your warehouse equipment and operations...optimize openings with no wasted space, maximize cube space, eliminate wooden pallets and dunnage. Condense the same volume of material into just half the space.  Just look at the advantages...

Madico, Inc.

Madico is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative window film, coating, metallizing and laminate solutions. Their challenge was to come up with a way to store over 450 rolls of plastic weighing 1,700 pounds each, without damaging the surface.

Using conventional pallet rack would have meant laying the film rolls on their sides and potentially damaging the surface. This would have increased their scrap waste causing an increase in production costs. The solution was a Probe type ROLL-STAK® Stacker Storage Management System. By storing the rolls of film through the core on rack arms the ROLL-STAK® Stacker would be able to insert a probe to store or retrieve a film roll without damaging the surface of the film. This method helped to reduce scrap waste and that helped to reduce production costs.

By installing a ROLL-STAK® Stacker Storage Management System Madico was able to reduce personnel injuries, decrease access times, control inventory and increase storage capacity in less space.

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